pool ball pit
pool ball pit
pool ball pit
Tiny Land® Ball Pit Pool with 200 Pcs Ball Pit Balls
pool ball pit
Tiny Land® Ball Pit Pool with 200 Pcs Ball Pit Balls

Tiny Land® Ball Pit Pool with 200 Pcs Ball Pit Balls

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Introducing the ultimate kid-approved playtime accessory - our Ball Pit Pool! It's like a party in a pool, but without the awkward small talk with your neighbor.

With its vibrant colors and soft, squishy balls, your little ones will have a blast splashing, diving, and bouncing around. And don't worry. Our balls won't hurt when pelted at your face.

Our Ball Pit Pool is a breeze to set up, so your child can jump in and start having fun quickly. Plus, it's easy to store away when the party's over - fold it up and tuck it out until the next playdate.

And, as parents, we know you want to keep your kids safe. Our Ball Pit Pool is made from non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials. So, while your little ones are playing, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy peace without any worries.

So, grab your kiddos, throw on some tunes, and let the good times roll with our Ball Pit Pool!

Weight: 5.7lb
Size: 35.43’’W & 11.02’’ H.

Suitable for children aged 12+ months

United States

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

Great quality. Endless fun for baby and 5 year old.


Ball pit arrived on time if not earlier & my daughter absolutely loves it 😍

Not like picture

The ball pit I ordered from Tiny Land definitely does not look like the picture posted. It is not that full and round and sturdy looking. Mine has an indention on one side that will not come out. A bit disappointed in what I got vs the picture.

Amazing! Opted for this over a Nugget for something soft to play in

My daughter and her friends LOVE this. ItĄŻs been a fun item to have in our living room without being too much of an eye sore, and it helps to keep her busy. Definitely recommend!

Worth the investment

Brought this as a gift and it was worth every penny. Shipping was quick and easy to assemble, great investment for children.