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Tiny Land

Tiny Land® Wooden Stove Cooking Toys

Tiny Land® Wooden Stove Cooking Toys


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Package Dimensions

Weight: 5.07 lb
Size: 12.5 "X4.7 "X16.5 in

Age Recommendation

Suitable for children aged 3+

Available Regions

United States

Step into a world of culinary adventure with Tiny Land® Wooden Stove Cooking Toys! Crafted to thrill the little chefs in your life, this cooking set radiates charm and authenticity with its premium wooden design that mimics a real-life stove. It comes fully equipped with essential kitchen utensils - a pot, pan, spoon, and spatula, all just their size.

Our stove isn't just for show - it boasts lifelike buttons that little hands can twist to 'adjust the temperature,' taking their imaginative play to new heights. Crafted for longevity, this playset promises hours of joy in a safe, durable format that will stand up to even the most enthusiastic playtimes.

Imagination meets real-world fun with our cooking set. It's a fantastic tool to spark creativity, inspire exploration of the culinary world, and foster essential life skills. Whether they're hosting a pretend dinner party or cooking up a family feast, the Tiny Land® Wooden Stove Cooking Toys set is the passport to a world of kitchen play fun!



Product plus box size: 32CM * 12CM * 42CM (12.5" X 4.7" X 16.5" inch)

Cleaning and maintenance methods

Attention! It cannot be boiled, exposed to the sun, or soaked for a long time.

1. Low temperature (<40°C) ultraviolet can be sterilized.

2. Wipe it with a clean cloth and air dry it.

3. If the toy becomes unsmooth (without paint on the surface or a durable protective layer) over time, or if it becomes unsmooth after meeting with water, use our 600-grit sandpaper to wipe the rough part, and it will be clean and smooth.

4. After cleaning, apply Vitamin AD that your baby eats, edible olive or tea-seed oil.

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