Eco-friendly Teepee
Eco-friendly Teepee
Eco-friendly Teepee
Eco-friendly Teepee
Eco-friendly Teepee
Eco-friendly Teepee

Tiny Land® Eco-friendly Teepee


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Item dimensions】 120 x 120 x 160 centimeters

【Premium Materia】Made of ECO-friendly and high-quality cotton. This material is soft and sturdy, non-toxic and tasteless, with no irritation or damage to the skin. Safe for toddlers and little ones.
【Comfortable and Convenience】Our teepee is come with a non-slip mat, providing little ones a more comfortable place to play, read, and take a snap. The teepee is easier to assemble and fold, making the poles more solid, less plastic connectors, and more ECO-friendly.
【ECO-friendly packaging】the packaging material of the tent is made of environmentally friendly materials, which are recyclable and Tiny Land would like to contribute to environmental protection.
【ECO-friendly Concept】We want your little one to grow up with the same unparalleled eco-friendly philosophy that you have, and that's what we want to convey to the world, starting with these new eco-friendly tents.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Claire Falloon
My son loves it

Only thing I’d change is somehow being able to secure the position of the tent poles - or maybe secure them to the floor mat? The way it is, it’s very easy to move the tent poles which makes the walls slack, and the tent could very easily completely collapse. Would be better if you could fix the poles in one spot somehow so the structure was more robust.

Rachele Rubin

What a wonderful cozy and fun space. Easy to assemble and made of great materials

Mark Colas
High quality, very good environmental protection concept, my kids love it.

This tent is made of high-quality eco-friendly materials and is super cute! My kids love this tent with plenty of room for them to play. Eco-friendly tents can let my children know the importance of environmental protection, to protect the environment, it would be a great gift!

Whitney Wilson
The cutest teepee ever!

This tent is amazing! The packaging is also an eco-friendly material, which is a very good size to hold several kids or a baby and an adult. The white color is beautiful, and with the use of eco-friendly materials, it can be decorated however you want. My 10 month old daughter loves it! highly recommended!

Amy Brenckle
Very good eco-friendly teepee

With environmentally friendly materials, there is no strange smell. My daughter likes this tent very much. He has known that he loves the environment since he was a child. This Eco-teepee tent will be her testimony.