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Celebrating 10 years of Joy with Tiny Land

Our journey: From a simple dream to a beloved Brand

Here at Tiny Land, we believe in the power of kids' play and its ability to bring pure joy into a child's life through one simple wooden toy that stands out from all others! In honor of our 10th anniversary, we felt it would be so awesome to show you how this hand-crafted gift idea has grown into a loved global brand used and adored by families all over the world.


The Birth of Tiny Land

Ours is a story as old as Neo, we first started on his 20th birthday when Neo received a handmade Wooden Shop kit for Christmas from Cherie(SceneoneCostumes)- how lovely. This was not just another toy, this gift card would be the root of an idea that would eventually turn into Tiny Land.

That afternoon, Neo and Cherie brought the Wooden Shop kit to the library of the College they both studied in having a wonderful time concentrating on work together.

But after obtaining his diploma, Neo and Cherie went their separate ways. Neo went on to become a banker, and Cherie became a lawyer. All was well, but it did not feel quite complete. But when Cherie was pregnant, it struck that her dream to produce a memorable gift for their daughter would eventually suffice and made them figure out they were finally ready.

Building Dreams in Grandpa's Garage

The idea of Tiny Land started in Grandpa's garage crafting traditional wooden toys where Neo and Cherie channeled all their love & creativity. With a basic wooden play kitchen, teepee play tent, and other ideas kind of snowballed from there. Parents were quick to respond. I have had so many messages from people about how the Tiny Land Toys made their children believe in talking animals and gnomes again. The humbling experience of these stories lit a fire in their heart, and the urgency to now align people with similar passions continued.

Top A Decade of Miniature World Adventures

I hope it has been a magical 10 years, the way I feel like singing RIGHT NOW. These Little Land toys have been an important part of many childhoods and their creativity. Our teepee, wooden kitchen and pretend play toys have been the start of adventure, sleepovers, and playdates.

One of the most cherished memories was when our daughters found that dilapidated old Wooden Shop kit in a corner at Grandpa's other house. Watching them having so much fun and joy, was just a reminder of why we created Tiny Land in the first place. This was not lost on us as we all realized our dream had materialized and now existed in memory of the children.

Our Mission: to make timeless joys

Our primary goal at Tiny Land has always been to make the best toys that work and inspire creativity, fun & joy in children. More than ever, basic play- the opening up and closing of toy trees (those simple wooden glass-style games) plastic can be appreciated in a whole new way as an advocate for simplicity. Because we recognize how difficult it is to offer… This is a beautiful, safe, and heirloom-quality product.

It warms our hearts that families make Tiny Land with them as they grow and play in their happy homes - year by lovely, joyful little. Every toy is a tribute to our passion for experience and being young at heart.

Celebrating with YOU: How to Get In On the Fun!

As we mark our 10th birthday, this journey has been nothing short of incredible and would have not be possible without the support of you all - Family Tiny Land. And it is because of you and your remarkable comments, love, and related stories that have made Tiny Land what we are today. We have some special activities and offers for you to celebrate this occasion:-

  1. Win Tiny Land toys (Anniversary Giveaway)
  2. Exclusive Deals: Celebrate the anniversary with a special treat of our best-selling products throughout the month.
  3. Tell Your Tale: Show your Tiny Land experience with us on social media by labeling 

TinyLand10Years for an opportunity to get published on our site.

However, the problem remains: What is in store for Tiny Land down the line?

We are more focused than ever on designing toys that provide joy and foster creativity for generations to come. We are working on new lines of products that will keep inspiring minds and creating unforgettable memories.

We want to continue growing but at the same time, never forget where we came from. We listen to our customers, improve, and guarantee that each Tiny Land toy is made with a lot of love.

A Decade of Joy - Thank you!

We are thankful for the last 10 years and excited to see what is next. As you continue on your journey mothering the next generation, I am thankful that we were able to be part of these early years for so many children. Cheers to many more years of happiness, creativity, and adventure with Tiny Land!

Keep watching this space for more fun information, and don't forget to follow us on our social media channels.

With heartfelt thanks,

Neo, Cherie, and The Tiny Land Team

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