Importance of women

Importance of women in the family

Tiny Land has always revolved around women. Tiny Land was born when Cherie wanted to prepare a precious birthday present for her daughter, and in its 6 years of development, Tiny Land has always been a female-focused brand with 70% female employees and most customers are female. They have made irreplaceable achievements in the development of Tiny Land.

During the development of the company, we felt the power of women and helped us overcome difficulties time and time again. Women have an indispensable position in Tiny Land, product development, market research, customer service, and any decision-making is inseparable from women.

Through getting along with our female employees, we can feel that they not only take on important responsibilities at work, but also play an important role in the family

1. as a wife

Women are men's helpers, partners, and comrades. She sacrifices personal happiness and aspirations to set moral standards, relieve stress and tension, her husband's tension, and maintain peace and order in the family. This creates the necessary environment for her male partner to think more about the financial advancement of the family. She is a source of inspiration for men to strive and achieve in life.

She supports him in all crises and shares all successes and achievements with him. She is the person he seeks love, compassion, understanding, comfort, and approval. She is a symbol of purity, loyalty, obedience, and devotion to her husband.

2. As a manager and leader of the family
A well-organized and disciplined family is essential to normal family life. The woman in the family takes on this function. She is the CEO of a business. She distributes duties among family members based on their interests and abilities and provides resources in terms of equipment and materials to get the job done.

She plays a key role in preparing and serving meals, selecting and caring for clothing, doing laundry, and renovating and maintaining homes. As a manager, she organizes various social functions in the family to promote social development. She also serves as the entertainment director. She plans a variety of recreational activities to meet the needs of younger and older members of the family.

3. As a household income manager
Women act as lowly managers of household income. It's her responsibility to make sure you get the most out of every pie spent. She always prefers budgeting in surplus to budgeting in deficit. She is very calculating when she spends money. She wisely divides her income among different heads, such as necessities, comforts, and luxuries. Women in households also contribute to household income through their own income both inside and outside the household. She actively contributes to the family's income through her work.

4. As a mother
The entire burden of childbirth and most of the task of raising children is borne by the women in the family. She is primarily responsible for the child's self-control, methodical, hard-working, stealing, or honest habits. During the most mature years of a child's development, her contact with the child establishes his behavioral patterns. Therefore, it is her duty to maintain maximum discipline in the family.

She is the child's first teacher. She passes on the social legacy to her children. Children learn from their mothers the laws of race, the manner of men, moral codes, and ideals. Because of the close and continuous contact with the child, the mother is able to discover and cultivate the special aptitude and attitude of the child, and these characteristics play a key role in the subsequent character formation.

As a mother, she is the home health officer. She cares deeply about the health of every family member, helpless babies, sick children, adolescent youth, aging parents. She organizes the family and its activities in such a way that each family member has proper food, adequate sleep, and adequate entertainment. She uses her talents to make the home a very comfortable and suitable environment for children. Additionally, she develops a taste in interior design and furnishing to make the home a warm, peaceful, and pleasant place.The mother is the central figure in the family and family circle. All members look to her for sympathy, understanding, and approval. 

Finally, happy women's day to all woman.


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