Q & A

Does Tiny Land sell replacement parts?

Tiny Land's policy is to provide replacement parts, usually free of charge, under our 30-day warranty. Simply visit Tiny Land Replacement to begin the parts ordering process.

Are online transactions secure?

We take customer security very seriously. Any information entered on our website will be protected by secure socket layer (SSL) certification. We also use ultra-strong security measures to prevent the loss, misuse, and alteration of your information once it is in our records.

Will I receive an email confirmation of my order and tracking information?

Yes! We send out an email notification immediately after you place your order. Once your product ships, we will email you again to let you know it’s on the way. If you have added your phone, you will be able to receive the message about the order progress.

How can I receive assembly instructions for my Tiny Land product?

Most of our assembly instructions are available in PDF format on our website. Simply visit Tiny Land Assembly Instructions to search it.