Tiny Land Tree Petal Toy

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Material: Made of solid and firm wood material, those fallen leaves' details are carefully crafted.
Excellent Sound: The sound of wood colliding with wood is very comfortable and exciting, allowing children to enjoy the fun. Play with this falling leaves ball game, exercise children's visual tracking ability.
DIY Tools: The sizes of fallen leaves are different, so Who can carry out the track on the falling leaves ball according to your design with creativity. Perfect for exercising children's ability of cognition and distinguish between sizes.
Colorful: Rich in color, soft and beautiful to protect children's visual development, help to enhance children's color recognition, color discrimination, and color perception.
Improve the Concentration: The ball starts from the top and rolls down to the bottom; kids need to pay attention during the process. When pushing the ball, kids need to control their strength, exercise the ability of hand-eye coordination.


Material: Wooden
Assembly Size: 22.5x22.5x71cm/8.86x8.86x27.95inches
Weight: Approx. 1500g

Package Includes:

1 Set Building Blocks Singing Tree
10 x Falling Balls

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