Replacement Instruction

Where to submit a claim request with Green Shipping Protection

1. Customers can access Seel Resolution Center to submit a claim request from either "Track your order" page in store, or the policy confirmation email (


2. Find the protected order >> Click on the section >> Click " Report an issue". You will be redirected to Seel Resolution Center. If you access Seel Resolution Center from the "Track your order" page in-store, or the confirmation email , the login info will be automatically populated.

Note: You can also directly visit to access the Resolution Center. In that case, you'll need to manually fill in your email address and Green Shipping Protection policy ID (or order ID) to log in the Resolution Center before they can file a claim.  


3. After logging in , choose the issue type:


Flow of submitting a claim for delay:

Flow of submitting a claim for damage:

 Note: To file a claim for damage, you need to upload photos as proof of damage. You can read the help article via the link if you have questions about what to upload. You can also leave comments or notes if necessary. 
Flow of submitting a claim for loss:

 Note: You may upload the supporting docs based on what you have, and leave notes or comments if necessary.


Supporting docs required to qualify for a claim

Claim of damage

When the item(s) are damaged during transit, we need to evaluate the nature, cause, and impact of damage . To file and qualify for a claim of damage, the following supporting documents are required :

Note: The payout amount for damage is determined by the evaluation results , up to 100% of the purchased value, depending on how the damage affects the usability of item(s) .


Damage in packaging without affecting the item(s) inside, and clear pre-shipment item defects ( e.g., loose threads) are not covered.

The supporting documents you provide will directly affect our evaluation. Please make sure to provide detailed evidence to facilitate your resolution process .

Claim of damage

a. If the shipment is marked by the carrier as "lost", or domestic shipments that haven't shown a "delivery" scan 30 days after shipment (or international shipment that hasn't shown "delivery " scan 60 days after shipment), you don't need to provide any additional proof.

b. If the shipment has shown a "delivery" scan, but was not received, we encourage you to look around in your neighborhood or mail hub first. If, however, you still can't find your package, we might need one of the following as the supporting document to qualify for a claim of loss:

  • Police report
  • Security footage
  • Carrier letter
  • Written documentation from an authority/leasing office detailing the incident

** For scenario b, if this is the first occurrence of such a situation with your package, Seel will provide compensation without requiring any supporting documents . However, if the same situation occurs again, supporting documents will be mandatory.

Claim of delay:

No supporting docs are required for a claim of delay. Such cases will be automatically judged based on the tracking info of your package's tracking number.

Payout options

Seel supports payout in one of the following four options. You can choose how they'd like to receive their payout the in last step of claim submission.

PayPal: Support multi-currency transfers. Funds arrive instantly once the claim is approved.

Venmo: Support USD transfers, funds arrive instantly once the claim is approved.

Direct deposit: Support USD transfers via US bank account ACH transfer, taking 1- 3 business days to arrive . This option is only available for transactions in USD.

Tremendous: customers will receive their payout in the form of a virtual visa card.