Tiny Land Replacement

Tiny Land's policy is to provide replacement parts, usually free of charge, under our 30-day warranty. If it has over 30 days, you just need to pay the shipping fees.

Teepee Tent Pole Connector
Large Lace Teepee Pole Connector
Pop-up Tent Pole

If you have missed items when open the box or damaged accessories parts within 30 days, our sincere apologies, we will certainly do our best to get your parts to you ASAP. To help us do this, please fill out the form below and contact us online or email our customer service team.



Parts Order Form

1. Replacement Parts (Fabric Cover | Connectors | Poles | Other)

2. Reason

3. The NUMBER or LETTER on the small tag behind the wash label inside the teepee. It's important to identify the type of tent.

4. Order Number (Optional) 

5. If you have pictures or videos you would like us to look at, please attach. (Optional)

  Hassle-Free Parts Replacement is one of the core values of the Customer  Experience Team at Tiny Land!

We do our absolute best to ensure that you receive your product in great condition.

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