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5 reasons to prepare wooden toys for your child

It is a different sensation to run your hands over a well-crafted wooden object. Children seem to touch everything in their sight. But, gone are the days when our child’s room was filled with several toys as they now engage themselves in the latest gadgets. It is time to change this pattern and give your little ones, better things at play. Though you may think wooden toys are old-fashioned, many parents are now choosing to introduce wooden toys to their toddlers.

Wooden toys are simply timeless and beautiful. There has been a major resurgence of wooden toys because parents want to balance out the gadgets and toys of the digital age. Well-finished wooden toys can replace digital games and other plastic toys.

So, let us understand why you must choose wooden toys during your munchkin’s growth years.

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Toys of different materials have sharp edges and the tiny parts of these toys? They are easy to break! It's no news that toddlers have a habit of putting everything in their mouths. It's their way of exploring whatever they have in their hands. Therefore, plastic toys are not safe for your toddler.
I've read about the effects of wood on children. Wooden toys benefit our children in many ways. I realized that well-made wooden toys are safer for my children. Wood is a natural material and connecting with nature can improve children's mental, emotional and physical health. Children who play with wooden toys can concentrate better and learn faster.

You may encounter wooden toys that have been passed down through generations. Children throw toys, smash them, and then store them in places where they can easily break. Plastic toys are easily damaged, but there is no denying that wood is a sturdy material that can withstand rough handling. I remember playing with a wooden dollhouse my mom gave me when I was a kid, saying it belonged to her. It had some wear and scratches, but it was intact and beautiful.
Giving my toddler a wooden toy made sure he was playing with something safe. I don't have to worry that he will damage the toys and treat them roughly. With other toys like plastic cars and games, I have to buy a new one every time he breaks any of them. However, now I can give him toys that are soothing but fun.

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Enhance imagination
Modern toys have whistles, bells, etc, but usually, you may want to be simple. Wooden toys can enhance your child's imagination. When you give your child a simple wooden toy, they can explore, get creative and use their imagination to make this toy a fun item for them to play with. Wooden blocks, puzzles, games, and more are now available in the market.

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Environmentally Friendly
Tiny Land wooden toys are made from certified wood and are sustainably sourced. In addition, they are environmentally friendly due to their organic and renewable materials. The coatings used to make these toys more attractive are free of chemicals.

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Quality of toy
Wooden toys are better suited for open-ended, imaginative play. Because they tend to be simpler in design and less distracting through things like sounds and lights, they are less "shaped" and thus open up a world of opportunity for your child! Imaginative play in early childhood is important because it encourages problem-solving, promotes language development, enhances fine motor skills, and builds neural connections in the brain. We saw with our son that as he grew into a toddler, he created "characters" and sounds for his wooden animals and toys, stacked and built his wooden toys in different ways, and his motor skills improved early on, being introduced to wooden toys and sensory baskets from birth.

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