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Tiny Land

Tiny Land® Balance Beam

Tiny Land® Balance Beam


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Package Dimensions

Weight: 16.53 lb
Size: 24.41 x 8.27 x 8.27 inchs

Age Recommendation

2 to 6 years old

Available Regions

The United States

In-stock ETA: Mid March.

Introducing the Tinyland® Balance Beam - a perfect blend of adventure and skill-building that will have your little ones walking the tightrope to success!

Looking for a versatile, entertaining, and educational activity that keeps your children engaged and active? Look no further! Our Tinyland® Balance Beam is here to save the day. With its top-notch quality and dynamic design, this balance beam is perfect for kids of all ages and skill levels, making it a must-have addition to any play space!

Step up their coordination game: Let your children unlock their inner acrobats as they master balance, coordination, and motor skills on this remarkable balance beam. Watch them beam with pride as they conquer new challenges and improve their abilities.

1. Safety first, always: Crafted from premium-quality wood, our Tinyland® Balance Beam offers durability and stability to ensure a safe play environment for your little daredevils. Rest assured, this beam is built to withstand the test of time and energy.

2. Indoor & outdoor fun: Whether it's a rainy day inside or a sunny day in the backyard, the Tinyland® Balance Beam can effortlessly adapt to any setting. Unleash your child's creativity and imagination, no matter where the adventure takes them!

3. Age is just a number: Suitable for toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged kids alike, our balance beam promises endless hours of excitement for children in various stages of development.

4. Education meets entertainment: Say goodbye to dull, uninspired playtime. The Tinyland® Balance Beam blends learning and enjoyment seamlessly, fostering your child's love for movement and hands-on exploration.

5. A worthwhile investment: Priced at $85.99, the Tinyland® Balance Beam represents unbeatable value for money. Investing in this high-quality, educational toy ensures a delightful experience that will pay dividends in your child's development.

Embark on a thrilling, skill-building journey with the Tinyland® Balance Beam - the ultimate playground for your child's mind and body. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to boost your child's growth and create unforgettable memories! Order now and let the balancing act begin.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Carole Brown McCrindle
The perfect child development experience!

I sent my great niece this balance beam set which looks like the perfect thing for a little girl who lives in an apartment in Brooklyn! We will know more after Christmas!

Megan L
Never received item

Ordered the balance beam on Dec 9th. Received a general thanks for ordering with us type email that day and had to email to ask for an order confirmation and shipment info, which was provided Dec 11. The shipping info never updated from label created, so I reached out again about 10 days later which is when I expected to receive the item. At that time I was told that it was a UPS issue to contact them, as they shipped the item Dec 11. UPS informed me they never received a physical package that I needed to work with the seller. At this point tinyland didnt respond to multiple emails, so I entered a dispute on the charge with my credit card company. At which time, tinyland did refund my purchase. Not a good buying experience and since I didn't receive the product can't give a review on the product itself.