Black Friday Guide

Black Friday Guide

With Black Friday coming up, how to go about choosing your best deals?

Today, Tiny Land will tell you what deals are available and how you should choose to buy.

Tiny Land is offering a great discount on Black Friday.
1, Free shipping for any product (except for discount products)

2, Up to 70% off

3, $15 off over $100, $35 off over $200

4, Buy two get one free on selected products  

5, Enjoy VIP Service (enjoy for life)

   Bronze VIP: 2% off over $250
   Silver VIP: 5% off over $500
   Gold VIP: 10% off over $1000

Some offers you can enjoy at the same time, for example, you can buy a kitchen and get $15 off and this product is available with free shipping. When you buy 2 kitchens, you can get $35 off and have a VIP service that gives you a 5% discount on all future orders. Of course there is no shipping charge for this one!

Play Kitchen with 18 Pcs Toy Food & Cookware Accessories ($189.99)


There is no better discount than buy two get one free, when you buy two of three, like the coffee machine toy, blender toy, toaster toy, you get one free and buy two tracks you get a free locomotive. coffee machine, blender toy, toaster  which used in conjunction with the kitchen, you can let your child explore his world to his heart's content.

Wooden Coffee Maker Set ($29.99)


If you only need a tent, of course, buy Large Teepee For Family
Or Tiny Land Luxury Lace Teepee, because this tent can enjoy a $15 discount, you can also seize the opportunity of this Black Friday sale, buy tents in bulk, you can use the $35 discount!

Large Teepee For Family($149.99)

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