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How To Build A Christmas Tree Teepee | 7 Step-By-Step Guide

How to build a Christmas tree teepee is something you must know before you celebrate Xmas. Christmas is a happy occasion to enjoy with dear ones. It's a chance to be creative and create a cozy atmosphere at home. 

One fun idea is to build a Christmas tree teepee. It's a unique & captivating alternative to a regular tree, adding charm and whimsy to your space. Now we will discuss in this  article how to build a Christmas tree teepee.

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What is a Christmas tree teepee?

A Christmas tree teepee looks like a cone-shaped tent. It's built using PVC pipes, string lights, fabric, and a tarp. You can add ribbons, ornaments, and garlands to make a warm and joyful ambience. The teepee's size can vary based on available space and materials. You can set it up indoors/outdoors, depending on your preference & the weather.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Build A Christmas Tree Teepee:

Let's begin constructing your own Christmas tree teepee. Follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Choose a suitable spot for your teepee

First, decide where to place your teepee. For indoors, ensure enough space and clearance. For outdoors, find a flat, stable surface. Consider weather conditions and safety outdoors.

Step 2: Gather the materials & tools you need

Next, collect the necessary materials and tools. Get PVC pipes, string lights, fabric or tarp, zip ties, scissors, and a PVC pipe cutter or hacksaw. Prepare ornaments and accessories for later decoration.

Step 3: Cut the PVC pipes to desired length

Third, cut the PVC pipes to your desired teepee height. Use a PVC pipe cutter or hacksaw. Recommended lengths are between 5 and 10 feet for an average-sized teepee.

Step 4: Assemble the PVC pipes into a teepee frame

Fourth, assemble the PVC pipes into a teepee frame. Arrange the pipes in a circle on the ground, with one end touching another. Lift one end of each pipe and bring them together at the top to form a cone-shaped teepee structure.

This step may require assistance. Secure the pipes together at the top using zip ties.

Step 5: Wrap the lights around the teepee frame

Fifth, wrap the string lights around the teepee frame. Start from the bottom and wrap one end of the lights around a pipe. Move up and wrap them around adjacent pipes. Repeat until you reach the top.

Depending on the number and length of pipes, you may need multiple strings of lights. Leave extra length to plug them into an outlet later.

Step 6: Cover the teepee frame with fabric or tarp

Sixth, cover the teepee frame with fabric or tarp. Lay the fabric/tarp on the ground and cut it into a triangle matching the frame's size. Drape it over the frame, covering all sides except for one entrance.

You may require multiple pieces, overlapping slightly to eliminate gaps. Secure them together at the top using zip ties.

Step 7: Decorate your teepee with ornaments and accessories

Lastly, decorate your teepee to your liking. Use garlands, stars, ribbons,  bells, candy canes, snowflakes, wreaths, bows, etc. Add pillows, blankets, rugs, candles, lanterns inside for coziness.

Hang decorations from the top or sides using hooks or clips. Alternatively, attach them directly to the fabric or tarp using glue or pins.


Hope you learn how to build a Christmas tree teepee.  And now you've created a Christmas tree teepee that will amaze guests and add cheer to your home during the holidays. 

And use it as long as you wish. It's simple to disassemble or keep for the following year. You can also experiment with different designs or themes for your teepee each year to add excitement. 


Q: How long does it take to create a Christmas tree teepee?

A: It varies based on your skills and design complexity. It can take 3- 4 hours to a couple of days.

Q: Where can I place my Christmas tree teepee?

A: You can set up your Christmas tree teepee indoors or outdoors, as long as you have enough space and a flat surface. Ensure stability, avoid fire risks.

Q: How can I adorn my Christmas tree teepee?

A: You can decorate your Christmas tree teepee however you like. Use lights, ornaments, garlands, ribbons, bows, stars, candy canes, snowflakes, and more. Add gifts or toys inside for kids to enjoy.

Q: How do I store my Christmas tree teepee?

A: Disassemble and store your Christmas tree teepee in a dry, cool place. Fold the fabric and secure the poles. Repurpose branches or compost them.

Q: How can I decorate my Christmas tree teepee? 

A: You can adorn your tree teepee with ornaments, lights, garlands, ribbons, stars, bows, candy canes, snowflakes, and more. You can also put gifts or toys inside for your kids' delight.

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