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How to use magnetic letters? Read completely to get proper instructions.

Magnetic letters

Magnetic letters are great for parents and teachers. They make learning fun for kids. You can use them to teach reading, writing, and spelling. But there are many options/alternatives to choose from, which can be confusing.

What are magnetic letters?

Magnetic letters are tiny letters made of plastic or wood. They have magnets on the back that make them stick to magnetic surfaces. They vary in color, size, font, and shape. They let you form words, phrases, and images.

magnetic letters

Magnetic Letters: Benefits for Learning

Letters & sounds: Magnetic letters teach children letters and sounds by offering a tactile and visual experience. Kids can touch and move the letters to learn each one's shape and sound.

Spelling practice: Kids can rearrange magnetic letters to create words, helping them improve their spelling skills. This is especially helpful for kids who struggle with traditional spelling tests or worksheets.

Reading practice: By arranging magnetic letters into words and sentences, children can practice reading in a fun and engaging way. They can also learn to read phonetically regular words, like CVC words.

Hands-on learning: Magnetic letters offer a hands-on approach to learning, which can be beneficial for kinesthetic learners. Moving the letters around can reinforce learning and aid in memory retention.

Interactive and engaging: Magnetic letters make learning fun and engaging for children. They can be used in various activities, such as games & puzzles, to make learning interactive & enjoyable.

Using Magnetic Letters in the Classroom

Word building: Kids can use magnetic letters to make words. Teachers can give them letters and ask them to make as many words as they can.

Spelling practice: Teachers can create spelling words or sentences with magnetic letters. This is good for kids who have trouble with traditional spelling tests or worksheets.

Phonics practice: Teachers can teach phonics with magnetic letters. They can give a word and ask kids to find the beginning, middle, and ending sounds.

Sentence building: Magnetic letters can help kids build sentences. Teachers can give them words and ask them to make a sentence that makes sense.

Choosing Magnetic Letters: When choosing magnetic letters, consider these things:

Size and font: Choose large letters that are easy to read and move.

Color and design: Choose colorful and engaging letters with designs that kids will like.

Durability: Choose durable letters that can withstand regular use.

Product Specification 



Product Name

Alphabet Magnet Set


Tiny Lend

Suitable for

Children's education and development

Product Type

Educational Toy


52 magnets


High-quality, non-toxic plastic

Magnet Size

9.5 x 4.3 x 1.9 cm

Magnet Shape

Lowercase letters of the alphabet

Recommended Age

Not specified


Defects and damages covered within the first day of purchase, refer to the package for further details.


Free shipping for orders over $100. Processing time of 1-2 business days. Delivery time depends on the shipping method.


Not specified


Approximately 2 pounds


An interactive and fun way to teach children letters and words. Can be used on any magnetic surface, such as a refrigerator.

Additional Information

For more details on delivery, please visit the Shipping Policy page.

How to use magnetic letters

Magnetic letters can be used in various ways, such as:

  • Spelling practice: Arrange the letters to spell words, either from memory or from a list.

  • Sentence building: Create simple or complex sentences using the letters.

  • Storytelling: Use the letters to create stories and plotlines.

  • Decoration: Use the letters to decorate a magnetic surface, such as a fridge or a whiteboard.

Reasons to consider buying tiny Land's Magnetic Letter Set

Education: The set introduces letters, spelling, and reading. Help your child improve memory, language, and hand-eye skills.

Interactive and Fun: The set is interactive and fun. Your child can create words, phrases, and sentences on various magnetic surfaces.

High Quality: The set is made with non-toxic materials, and the brightly coloured letters come in both upper and lower case.

Easy to Use and Store: The set is easy to use and comes with a storage box to keep the letters organized and secure.

Fast and Reliable Shipping: tiny Lend ships orders within 1-2 business days.

Warranty: The set comes with a warranty. tiny Lend will replace or refund the product if there are any issues.


Can magnetic letters be customized?

Yes, some companies offer personalized magnetic letters with font, size, colour, and shape options.

What's the age range for magnetic letters?

Magnetic letters are suitable for children aged three and above.

Are magnetic letters long-lasting?

Yes, magnetic letters are usually sturdy and built to last.

How to clean magnetic letters?

Use a damp cloth and mild soap to clean magnetic letters. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could harm the magnets.

Can magnetic letters help teach math?

Yes, magnetic letters can aid in teaching counting, addition, and subtraction basics.

Are magnetic letters for outdoor use?

It depends on the magnet strength and surface type. Some magnetic letters are designed for outdoor use, but check the manufacturer's recommendations.

What's the best way to store magnetic letters?

Magnetic letters can be stored in magnetic containers or boards. A container with a lid is also an option to keep them organized and accessible.

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