Montessori toys

LWhat is Montessori education? Why is it so often praised?

Montessori education was initiated by the Italian educator Maria Montessori. It usually refers to a new school environment, but it is more familiar to the public as its innovative parenting philosophy.

The Montessori education method has reformed the education system and influenced the toy industry. Next, let us learn more about its main characteristics and why it is still popular today.

First of all, the Montessori method is child-centered and believes that children's curiosity is innate. Most importantly, children have the right to free development. In other words, there is no need to force children to follow the rules, because learning to adapt to the new world is the nature of all children. As an observer, the most important task for adults is to help them build self-confidence and encourage them to learn.

"An environment that has everything and each has its place."

Maria Montessori believes that children will naturally get the best development in a suitable environment. Therefore, whether at home or at school, preparing such an environment that encourages learning and self-discipline is especially important for adults.

And several of the toy products launched by Tiny Land are great Montessori toys that encourage children to develop creatively and think independently. Keep your child curious and motivated.


Fort Building Kit & 130 pcs($54.99)


Fort Building Kit & 130 pcs
Building a fun fort is a great way of improving a child’s STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills. Kids would focus their thoughts on creating the perfect fort, which helps to improve imagination, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

74 Pcs Wooden Train Set with Battery Operated Train($45.99)


74 Pcs Wooden Train Set with Battery Operated Train
They are playmobile figures that could be posed to wave, seat, and look around with the joints. With the locomotive driver, man, woman, and taxi driver, your kids can imagine and play lots of stories in the city scenes. These mini-figures can really inspire kids' imagination and creation.

Wooden Toy Mixer for Kids($24.99)

Wooden Toy Mixer for Kids

Promote Early Learning Confidence, bake-cookie mixer is more than just about becoming a little chef, they also inspire creativity and imagination, strengthen hand-eye coordination, help kids learn about science and foods, and more.


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