New toys

New toys for the New Year!

It's always exciting to get new toys, especially around the start of the year when there's a feeling of fresh beginnings and new opportunities.

The playhouse comes with a tent, poles to build the tent and a starlight. These features provide a comfortable and enjoyable space for children to play, read, and have fun. It is an excellent addition to any child's play area and is sure to be a hit as a gift.

Babies brains are growing every moment, and the toys they need at each stage should be different. We have prepared corresponding learning toys and parenting suggestions for the active period of the brain of children aged 12-18 months.

Sort them, stack them, knock them down! The Building Set comes with a sturdy, practical, and reusable storage bag, so you can keep all the LEWO Blocks pieces securely in one place. Help develop kids' hand-eye coordination, color and shape recognition, counting and sorting, and spatial relationships set of wooden blocks provides an opportunity for a child to pass the hours constructing towers, animals, castles, towns, and more!

We provide a coloring book, which is creativity-sparking and endless fun for your children. Tiny Land offers a colorful childhood for your kids. Let's color in!

Remember to always carefully consider the age and interests of the child you are buying for when selecting a toy. This will help ensure that they get the most enjoyment out of their new toy.
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