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Top 9 Easel Crafts & Activities for Toddlers: Easel Crafts & Activities for toddlers

Get your child's creativity flowing with our 9 top easel crafts & activities for toddlers! An easel is an excellent tool for kids to be creative and learn. Wooden, magnetic, or sticky, it offers fun for various crafts and activities. The top 9 ideas for easel crafts and activities are shared for you to try with your kids at home or in class.

Easel Crafts & Activities For Toddlers

Here Are The Top 9 Easel Crafts & Activities For Toddlers:

Easels aren't only for artists! They inspire creativity and imagination in kids. Easel crafts and activities enhance artistic abilities, motor skills, and self-esteem. Discover 9 top easel crafts & activities for toddlers.

  1. Open-ended toddler art

Let your little one experiment with color's and materials on the easel without any rules. Give them paint, stickers, crayons, markers, or collage pieces to draw with. This will improve their creativity, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills. Additionally, you can chat with them about their art and urge them to use descriptive words.

  1. Rainbow sticky easel activity

Protect the easel with clear paper, and cut shapes from coloured tissue paper. Kids can stick tissue paper onto easels to make a rainbow or pattern. The activity teaches colors, shapes, and spatial sense. It also develops sensory and tactile skills by feeling sticky surfaces and soft paper.

  1. Drip drop painting

Fill squeeze bottles with watered-down paint. Kids can squeeze on easels for drip-drop paintings. Use different colours to see how they blend. This activity improves fine motor skills, hand strength, and colour recognition. It teaches gravity and cause and effect.

  1. Shape sorting

Use magnets or cardboard shapes with attached magnets. Kids sort by attributes: color, size, type, and sides. They can also create patterns or pictures. This teaches shape recognition, sorting, categorization, and patterning.

  1. Ribbons and string sticky easel activity

Cover the easel with clear contact paper. Kids stick ribbons, strings, and yarns to create designs, letters, numbers, or anything. It helps develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity. Also exposed to different textures and lengths.

  1. Water painting pre-writing activity

Get a spray bottle with water. Kids spray it on easels for wet marks. Or use a sponge or brush with water. Kids make shapes, lines, curves, or letters with water on the easel. This improves their fine motor skills, hand strength, and letter formation. Great for preparing for writing.

  1. Fill-in-the-blank easel stories

Create a story on an easel with blanks for kids to fill in. Use stickers or pictures for hints. For instance, write "The _____ went to the _____" and add stickers of an animal and a place. Children fill the blanks with their own words. This helps enhance their storytelling skills, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.

  1. Sponge painting

Use cut-out or ready-made sponges. Dip in paint and stamp on an easel for pictures and patterns. Try various sponges (natural, scrub) for textures. Kids learn shapes, colors, textures, and printing.

  1. Paint activities

You can make art with kids by using paint on an easel. Try various tools like brushes, rollers, stamps, fingers, or cars. Use techniques like splattering, blowing, dripping, or mixing for different effects. Use different paint types such as tempera, finger paint, chalk paint, watercolours, shaving cream, or puffy paint.


Q: What are the benefits of using easels for kids' crafts and activities?

A: Easel crafts and activities aid children in developing their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and artistic sense. They also promote self-expression, creativity, and confidence.

Q: Which type of easel is best for children?

A: Wooden, metal, plastic, or cardboard easels are all available, but you should select one that is sturdy, adjustable, and simple to store. Additionally, consider the easel's size, shape, and features, such as whether it has a tray, paper roll holder, or double-sided board.

Q: How can I create an easel for my children?

A: To create an easel, use simple materials such as cardboard, duct tape, scissors, and a ruler. Cut two big cardboard rectangles and join them at the top to form an A-shape. Next, cut a smaller cardboard rectangle and attach it to the A-shape's bottom to create a tray. For decoration, utilize markers, paint, or stickers.

Q: What materials are required for easel crafts and activities?

A: Paint, brushes, crayons, markers, pencils, paper, stickers, magnets, and stamps can all be used for easel crafts and activities. Try household items like cotton balls, sponges, bubble wrap, or foil.

Q: How can I make easel crafts and activities more engaging for my children?

A: By adding challenges, themes, or games, easel crafts, and activities can be made more engaging and fun. For example, your child can paint or draw something starting with a specific letter, their favourite colour, or something from a story or movie. The easel can host games like tic-tac-toe, hangman, or Pictionary.

Q: How can I clean up after easel crafts and activities?

A: After easel crafts and activities, clean the easel with a damp cloth or paper towel. If the easel is very dirty, use soap and water. Wash brushes and other tools with water and let them dry. Dispose of used paper or materials in a trash bin.

Q: Where can I find more ideas for easel crafts and activities for children?

A: You can find more ideas for easel crafts and activities for children online through websites, blogs, and videos that offer tutorials, tips, and inspiration. You can find art and craft books for kids at the nearby library or bookstore.

Final Words:

We hope you enjoyed reading our article about 9 easel crafts & activities for toddlers. Encourage your kids' creativity with easel crafts and activities. Use it for painting, drawing, and writing. Make or buy one, and add magnets or stickers for excitement. Suitable for all ages, indoor/outdoor. Easy setup/cleanup for busy parents. Unleash your kids' imagination!
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