How To Build The Best Blanket Fort | Easiest 5 Steps

Learn how to build the best blanket fort for hours of cozy fun. Do you crave a snug and enchanting spot in your house? Then, build a blanket fort! 

This fun and effortless method can make any room a cosy and imaginative hideaway. You only require a handful of home essentials like blankets, cushions, and more. Follow our five easy steps to construct the perfect blanket fort.

build best blanket fort

Here Are The Easiest 5 Steps On How To Build The Best Blanket Fort:

Creating a cozy, secret space with a blanket fort is a fun childhood pastime. It remains popular even for adults. Building one is an excellent bonding activity with loved ones. 

In five steps, this article will show you how to build the best blanket fort. This way, it will not only work effectively but also look appealing.

Step 1: Choose a location and clear some space

Choose a spot for your blanket fort that has enough room and furniture, like a corner, couch, or bed. Avoid placing it near windows, heaters, or outlets. Clear space around the spot and remove sharp objects, cords, and clutter.

Step 2: Gather your materials and tools

To build your blanket fort, you'll need some materials and tools:

Blankets or sheets: Use any you have, like quilts or comforters, for the roof and walls. The more colorful, the better.

Pillows or cushions: Use throw or floor pillows for walls and floor. The softer and fluffier, the better.

Chairs or tables: Use any sturdy chairs or tables, like dining chairs or coffee tables, for frame and support.

Clothespins or clips: Use strong clips, like a binder or paper clips, to attach blankets or sheets to chairs or tables.

String lights or other lighting: Use bright and colourful sources, like fairy lights or candles, for ambience.

Optional fort enhancements:

  • Add posters or stickers for a personalized touch.
  • Bring books or games to stay entertained.
  • Bring snacks or drinks for added cosiness and comfort.
  • These items can be found at home or borrowed from others.

Step 3: Construct the frame and the roof of the blanket fort

To build your blanket fort, you need to create a frame and roof. Follow these steps:

  • Set up chairs or tables around your desired location. For a small fort, use two chairs on each side. For a large fort, use four chairs in each corner. You can also use a table in the middle for added support.
  • Cover the chairs or tables with blankets or sheets to form the roof. You can use a single large blanket or several smaller ones for a layered effect.
  • Use clothespins or clips to secure the blankets or sheets to prevent them from falling off. Attach them to the backs of chairs or edges of tables.
  • Add string lights or other lighting sources to the roof for some ambient lighting.

Step 4: Add walls and doors to the blanket fort

To add walls and doors to your blanket fort, follow these steps:

  • Use soft items like pillows or cushions to create walls. Stack them against chairs or tables or lean them on room walls.

  • Make doors by leaving gaps between pillows or tying knots on blankets. You can use curtains, towels, or scarves to create doors you can open and close.

  • Decorate your walls and doors with posters, stickers, or accessories to make your fort unique and enjoyable.

Step 5: Furnish and enjoy your blanket fort

To set up your blanket fort, follow these steps:

  • Make it cozy by adding pillows, blankets, rugs, or mats on the floor.
  • Bring in activities like reading, games, movies, or napping. You can also invite friends/family.
  • Enjoy your fort for as long as you like, with enough snacks, drinks, and batteries for your lights.


Q: What do I need to make a blanket fort?

A: Blankets, pillows, chairs, tables, clothespins, string lights, and decor.

Q: How do I build the fort structure?

A: Use chairs and tables as support, drape blankets over them, and add string lights.

Q: How do I make the fort's floor?

A: Use cushions and pillows, and add rugs or blankets.

Q: How do I create the entrance?

A: Leave a gap between two blankets or fold one over, and add a sign.

Q: How do I decorate the inside?

A: Add anything cozy and fun, like books, games, toys, snacks, and posters.

Q: How do I invite people?

A: Send a message, ask in person, or create invitations or tickets.

Q: How do I enjoy the fort?

A: Relax, read, play games, chat, watch movies, listen to music, and set rules or challenges.

Final Words:

We hope you liked our piece on how to build the best blanket fort. Building a blanket fort is not only enjoyable but also beneficial. Relax, create, bond, and express with it. So, start building your own fort today! Share your fort's pictures or stories on social media or with us - we would love to see them!

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This really helped me and my sister build a nice fort, that is comforable and cozy. Thanks for the tips.


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