Teepee With Sticks

How To Make A Teepee With Sticks For A School Project? Easiest 4 Steps

Want to know how to make a teepee with sticks for a school project & Native American tribes' history & culture? Enjoy crafting with simple materials? 

This article is for you! Learn how to make a teepee with sticks for a school project. Teepees were cone-shaped tents made of poles and animal skins used as homes by some tribes. 

To make one, gather sticks, yarn, scissors, glue, a ruler, and covering material (e.g., construction paper). 

Use coloured pencils to decorate and score to fold. Add bone, shell, or bead pieces and a cloth or paper smoke flap if desired. Finally, place it on a base of grass, rocks, or sand. 

Teepee With Sticks

Here Are The Easiest 4 Steps On How To Make A Teepee With Sticks For A School Project:

Making a Teepee with sticks is a fun school project. It's a great way to learn about Native American culture and can improve your creativity, problem-solving, and fine motor skills. We'll guide you through the 4 easy steps to make a teepee for a school project.

Step 1: Construct the Base

Create the teepee base:

  • Align and bunch sticks/straws/pipe cleaners.
  • Bind them using yarn/twine 3" from the top.
  • Fan out and place on a table to form a cone.

Step 2: Select and Decorate the Covering Material

To cover the teepee, follow these steps:

  • Pick a material like paper, cloth, foam or plate.
  • Cut it into a semicircle big enough to wrap around the base.
  • Use pencils, crayons or markers to draw Native American designs.
  • Look to symbols of animals, stars, hills and mountains for inspiration.

Step 3: Attach the Covering Material to the Base

To attach the covering to the teepee base, follow these steps:

  • Use a dull plastic knife or old ballpoint pen to score both sides of the triangular door on the material.
  • Cut a straight line in the middle/centre of the door.
  • Fold-out-the-door flaps along the scored lines.
  • Put glue on the tab area of the material.
  • Wrap the material around the base and glue the tab behind the opposite edge.
  • Hold the seams together for a few seconds to ensure they are properly glued.

Step 4: Add Details and Accessories

To add finishing touches to the teepee, follow these steps:

  • Cut small bone, shell or bead pieces and string them together with yarn or twine.
  • Use them to decorate the door flaps.
  • Glue a cloth or paper piece onto the top of the teepee to make a smoke flap.
  • For a realistic touch, add grass, rocks, or sand to the teepee's base.

What's the smallest teepee size?

A small teepee's size can vary depending on why it's made & what it's made of. Typically, it's around 4 to 6 feet wide & 6 to 8 feet tall.

How to create a small paper cave?

To create a tiny paper cave, fold a piece of paper in half. Carve a half-circle on one side of the folded end. Slice the curved edge to form the cave's entrance. Unfold the paper to see the cave shape.


What do I need to make a teepee?

Get sticks, dowels, or bamboo skewers for the frame, and paper, cloth, or foam for the cover. Also, get glue, scissors, tape, a rubber band, and coloured pencils or crayons for decoration.

How do I make the base of the teepee?

Lay sticks parallel and bind them with a rubber band an inch from one end. Spread the sticks out and place them on a table to form the foundation.

How do I make the cover of the teepee?

Cut a large semicircle from material such as paper, cloth, or craft foam. Decorate with Native American designs.

How do I attach the cover to the frame?

Cut a triangular door from the straight edge, apply glue to one end of the semicircle and wrap it around the frame. Glue the other end behind the opposite edge and press to secure in place.

How do I make the top of the teepee?

Make sure the bound end of the sticks peeks through the top hole of the cover. Tape the bottom end of each stick onto the inside wall and lace up the door flaps with string or bone.

How do I make a child-sized teepee?

Use larger materials such as PVC pipes or wooden poles for the frame, and a bed sheet or canvas for the cover. Anchor the bottom of the cover with stakes or rocks.

How do I make Native American figures for the teepee?

Draw figures on cardstock or construction paper, color them, cut them out, and glue an L-shaped cardboard tab at the back to help them stand upright. Place them inside or outside the teepee.


Learned how to make a teepee with sticks for a school project, which was fun and educational. Also learned about Native American culture. Customize with materials, colors, and designs. Make multiple teepees to create a village scene. Endless possibilities! Thank you for reading. Share your queries/questions/feedback in the comments.

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