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Five activity to keep your kids entertained during the school shut down

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As the coronavirus outbreak continues to cause devastating problems worldwide, schools across the United States are closing in an attempt to contain the spread of the virus. This makes most American parents face many difficulties because they try to let their children have fun at home and maintain some of their education and learning. All of our tinyland will give parents 5 kinds of activities to interact with their children to keep your children optimistic and positive during school closures.

1) Throwing sandbags!

If you are the parent of multiple children, a great game to play in the garden is "throwing sandbags". Divide your children into opposing teams, with mom and dad as the captain. Each team has its own "fortress" to guard and some small sandbags as cannonballs. The purpose of the game is to allow as many team sandbags as possible to enter the opposing team's fortress!

Although you can create your own fortress, our tinyland's Black and White Stripe Teepee is very suitable as a fortress! When parents and children are tired, lie in the tent and rest for a while!

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Black and White Stripe Teepee
2)Princess tea party

If you are looking for a great activity to play with your little girl, then hosting a princess tea party is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Make some delicacies for yourself, take out all the plush toys, and create a perfect afternoon for the princess.

Of course, there is no perfect venue, and no real princess party is incomplete. Our Lace Teepee is made of a mixture of lace and soft fabrics and can be used indoors or outdoors.

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Lace Teepee For Kids
3)Family camping

In the coming weeks and months, as social distancing becomes more common, the idea of going out on a camping trip is unlikely. So why not bring the beauty of the outdoors indoors? Organize a special camping event in your house or garden and teach your kids about camping, insects and various wild animals.

Our Tiny Land Luxury Lace Teepee is an ideal base for you and your children to organize pretend camping.

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Tiny Land Luxury Lace Teepee


4)Reading moment 

Away from the hustle and bustle of life and the use of countless electronic devices, spend a quiet reading time with your children. Every week, choose a short story for you to complete-either they read it to you or you read it to them.

To help escape the outside world, create a quiet area away from distractions. Our Tiny Land White Teepee creates a peaceful and peaceful environment, perfect for any reading course.

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White Kids Teepee
5) Businessman game

Children can pretend to be merchants to sell their own products, while parents are customers and go to the children’s store to buy things. Children can make their own products or sell their own personal small items. This allows the children to have their own healthy money concept and Develop business thinking, and our Tiny Land Ice Cream Cart Playhouse is the best shop. It also comes with many small products for children to sell.

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Ice Cream Cart Playhouse


Tiny Land also have many tents suitable for children and parents to use at home. You can find your favorite products in our shop.

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