make a teepee

How to make a teepee

Why do you want to make a teepee?

Every child likes a teepee. In summer, they are a great source of outdoor fun, or at any time of the year, indoor tents are a lovely addition to children's bedrooms. More importantly, making tents is fun! Therefore, this is your chance to impress your child and have a lot of fun together in the process.

What do you need to make a tent?

1) 4 pieces of wood or sticks.
2) A rope.
3) canvas.
4) A pair of scissors.

Instructions on how to make a teepee

1. Make a tent frame

First you need to make your frame. Grab your 4 poles and set them into the shape of your teepee-a pyramid. We cross about 50 cm from the top and separate the poles by about 1 meter at the bottom. If you are making an indoor tent or adjusting it to your child's height, you can try a little bit to get the size and height that suits your room.

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2. Fix the frame together

Now take your rope or twine and wrap it around the stick or cane where they meet 

3. Add tent cover

So now you have your frame, wrap your canvas on the frame, and nail it to the top with clothespins. If you want something more sturdy, a large safety pin or two on the top is also a good idea.
Finally wrap the canvas on the frame and use scissors to open the door. Similarly, you can experiment with the size of your tent sheets and frame.

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Lace Teepee For Kids

You should have something like this.
You have it, an indoor tent! Now release the children. By this time, they will be ready to play in the tent and get accessories.


When the weather is good, the tent is also fun outside. this is ours!

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