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Five wonderful times that a teepee tent can bring you

Thinking of those special times sharing secrets, watching a favorite movie, creating an awesome playlist, or hitting their best ever score together. A teepee is a wonderful treat or celebration for children to spend time catching up with their best friends

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white  teepee

Why not add some sweet treats for your little guests in a teepee? Popcorn, sweet cones, or even a midnight feast can be specially ordered.

These striking teepees are perfect for enjoying some real one-to-one time with your child. Our imaginative tinyland has created unique ‘Mummy & Me’ or ‘Daddy & Me’ time for that extra special sleepover time. All you have to do is pick the perfect theme for you and that special little person in your life. It’s about making memories that will last forever.

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Luxury Lace Teepee

Perhaps you are planning a romantic evening, a luxury lace teepee will definitely have the WOW effect! The best sleepover party ideas are not only for children. Take a look at our amazing teepee.

Or why not add a little bit of movie magic to your teepee? You can install a projector in the room, and the kids and mom and dad are watching movies in a teepee tent. Stunning movie packages which can be created alongside. All that’s left to do is pick your favorite movie!

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Luxury Lace Teepee

These are wonderful, romantic, and memorable moments, and we can provide you with a teepee tent to create these moments


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