assemble a teepee tent

How to assemble a teepee tent

 Tinyland,  Most of products are teepees. They are easy to assemble,

but there are a few parts that can be a bit cumbersome, so it's best to do it with others, and it will be ready in about 15 minutes.

As far as the contents of the box are concerned, there is actually very little to emphasize. Most consist of four wooden poles, fabric and ropes to tie the poles together.

The assembly of some teepees is slightly different, so it is always important to double check any instructions. Here are the basics of assembling a tent:


Step 1: Insert the rod

Place everything flat on the floor. Insert four wooden poles into the tubular shell at each corner of the fabric. Don't tie a knot at the bottom of the pole for now.


Step 2: Set up the tent

With the help of others, erect the pole to form a square and place the pole in the center.

Step 3: Tie the pole

Tie a knot on a pole with a rope. Then, using a figure-of-eight motion, tie the rod to the second rod. Once the two rods are secured, do the same for the third and fourth rods. When other people are tied together, it is really helpful for someone to hold the poles firmly together.


Step 4: Fix the square

tinyland teepee

After all four rods are firmly tied together, spread the bottom of each rod as square as possible. Once you are satisfied with this position, you can tie the bottom knot to the wood pole.

tinyland teepee

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