The new year is coming, let’s summarize the most classic and common questions asked by our customers this year. Tiny Land will also adjust and improve products according to customer problems.


1. Will Tiny Land teepee tent send stars lights and mat?

Yes, we have encountered many customers asking us this question, here we will tell our customers. All our teepee tents are delivered with star lights and mat, which is one of the characteristics of our tents superior to other tents. If the tent you received does not have mat or star lights, you can contact our customer mailbox and we will reissue it to you. The purpose of Tiny Land is to make every effort to meet customer needs.


2. What is the highest height of Tiny Land play kitchen and the height from the counter to the floor?

We are to adapt to children of different ages, and to allow the kitchen to accompany the growth of children for a longer period of time. When we designed the kitchen, we added a function that can adjust the height. The kitchen has 3 different heights, 97cm, 101cm, 103cm. The highest height is 103cm. The height from the counter to the floor is 57cm, 61cm, and 63cm respectively.


3. How many people can our teepee tent hold?

Tiny Land can proudly tell each of our customers that the size of our teepee tent is very standard. A normal size tent can accommodate 2-3 children, such as this white teepee, which is our most popular tent. Large tents, such as this Large Teepee For Family, can accommodate 4-5 children. Mom and Dad can spend a good time with the children in the tent.


4. What material is our teepee tent made of, and is it environmentally friendly?

Our tents are made of 100% pure cotton, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. We have been committed to the development of environmentally friendly and pollution-free products as our motivation to protect the world's environment with high quality. Recently we have developed an Eco-Friendly teepee, which is made of sustainable cotton and recycled polyester. Its packaging is also made of recyclable materials. Tiny Land is making a major step forward in this sustainable ambition.

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