Eco-Friendly vision

Eco-Friendly vision

Environmental protection vision
As a product sales company, Tiny Land attaches great importance to the protection of the earth, uses resources effectively, and actively promotes recycling and energy saving activities. At the same time, we will provide customers with products that are safe and have little impact on the environment, contribute to the development of the world's industries, gain the trust of customers and the wider society, and continue to be a company that has value in society.

Tiny Land contributes to a sustainable society and practices environmental management in three areas: "realizing a low-carbon society", "realizing a recycling-oriented society", and "realizing a society that prevents pollution and coexists with nature". In order to report these contents to all corporate stakeholders more concretely, we implement the "ECO Friendly Declaration" consisting of "Environmental Concepts" and "Environmental Action Guidelines".
The so-called "ECO Friendly Declaration" adds "environmental protection" to Mind's "quality", "customer satisfaction" and "respect for human nature" that constitute Tiny Land's slogan "Mind & Technology".
Based on this declaration, Tiny Land has planned the "Environmental Protection Guidelines", a guideline for concretely promoting environmental protection, and implemented Tiny Land's environmental protection activities.
In addition, information exchange and environmental protection activities are carried out horizontally to improve the overall level of Tiny Land.


Environmental Concept
Tiny Land recognizes that corporate activities have a broad and close relationship with the earth's environment,

  • Contribute to the region and society through corporate activities for environmental protection.
  • Provide environmentally friendly products to people all over the world.
  • Through continuous activities, we will strive to achieve a better global environment for the next generation.

Environmental Action Guidelines

  • We will comprehensively promote energy conservation in all business activities and strive to prevent global warming. In addition, resources are effectively utilized through the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, reuse).
  • Carry out planning, research, development, procurement, and production of environmental protection, and provide environmentally friendly products.
  • In order to comply with the relevant laws and regulations of environmental protection and other agreed matters, and prevent environmental pollution.
  • Actively disclose environmental information.
  • Through educational and inspirational activities, each employee raises "environmental awareness" and practices environmental protection activities.
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