Memorial Day

5 Ways to Remember Memorial Day

As our nation comes together on the last Monday in May to celebrate Memorial Day and honor the men and women who have given their lives in service to our country, here are five great ideas for things we can do at home and around town to celebrate Memorial Day this weekend, in addition to picnics and barbecues.

Participate in the ceremony

Many towns hold parades and ceremonies on Memorial Day, and some events even end with a memorial service. Take some time to prepare for a barbecue or relax with friends and family to take advantage of all that your town has to offer.

Decorate with flags

It has been a tradition for many years to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers with flags on Memorial Day. Another tradition is to fly the flag at half-mast from early morning until noon local time. If you have a flagpole, consider joining this tradition this year.

Visit Battlefield Sites

From the birth of our nation to the moments that shaped its history, battlefields protected by the National Park Service preserve the complex history of military battles fought on American soil, including all their struggles and victories. parks such as Minute Man National Historical Park preserve the battlefields of Lexington and Concord during the American Revolution, while Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park marks the site of the 1846 The park preserves the battlefields of Lexington and Concord during the American Revolution, while Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park marks the 1846 clash between Mexican and U.S. forces, helping visitors understand where these historic events took place during these pivotal moments of conflict. Immerse yourself in history, connecting you to those who fought and those who were lost in those battles.   

These historic sites preserve the past and continue to evolve into living memorials to those who lost their lives in military conflicts. Battlefield National Monument. These projects help visitors gain a fuller understanding of the places, the events that took place there, and the people whose stories they preserve.

Learn about the military's past use of the park

The connection between the U.S. military and national parks includes more than just military sites or memorials. In modern times, national parks have provided areas for troops to train and rebuild. Delve into the fascinating history of the U.S. military's partnership with the National Park Service. From the trench system built to train new troops during World War I, now preserved as part of Petersburg National Battlefield, and the testing and training of cold weather equipment at Mount Rainier National Park during World War II, to the McKinley Hill Army Recreation Camp at what is now preserved as Denali National Park and Preserve, parks have played an important role in the training and care of the U.S. military.

With the kids

The easiest thing you can do to explain and commemorate this holiday with your children is to spend time talking with them about what Memorial Day means to you. Spend the day talking and thinking about those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.


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