Outdoor Party

How to hold a great Memorial-Day Outdoor Party

Whether you're heading to the woods or spending Memorial Day at home

Whether you're camping, barbecuing, canoeing or making cocktails, it's time to relax.


Prepare the food

When planning any party, the menu should be one of the most thoughtful parts of your planning process. Even the best parties in the world can be derailed by poor food choices. 

Backyard barbecue fare is perfect for a Memorial Day party, but don't forget to include refreshing foods such as pasta salads, fruit plates, vegetables and dips and other cool options. Also, keep in mind the ages of attendees. Countless cocktails may be suitable for adults only, but if you're inviting kids, be sure to offer some kid-friendly options. Don't forget the lemonade!

If you'll be serving a lot of people on a budget, don't shy away from a bumper-to-bumper event. They're a great way to get neighbors and friends you don't see often without adding to your food budget. 


Do you have enough decorations?

The perfect party tent- Set up our lace tent for your party and I think your family and friends will be pleasantly surprised by your ideas!

Pink Cloud Pillow

Picnic Mat- Oversized picnic blankets are not only suitable for outdoor occasions such as parks, beaches, family picnics, camping, travel, etc. and are perfect for this party of yours.


Rainbow Decoration


Add colorful balloons- Brighten up your event with these natural latex balloons, their rich and vibrant colors will help your party stand out! Remember, a big pile of balloons makes a bigger impact than a single balloon floating randomly.


Eucalyptus Garland


Turn on the Perfect Patriotic Playlist 

Every party needs music. For a Memorial Day party, you'll need the most all-American collection of songs, such as any rendition of "Born in the USA," "The Star Spangled Banner," "American Pie," and "The Star of the World. "You can also pay your respects by playing popular wartime songs, such as those on the World War II list.

This annual day of remembrance is not just a good time to take a day off or have a barbecue. This Memorial Day, celebrate all those who gave their lives to protect America with these Memorial Day party ideas.


The best party tips in the world can only do so much. To really throw the best Memorial Day party, you must have the best party atmosphere, so if you want your guests to feel comfortable and have a good time, dressing up the party venue is a must, and I think these decorations will be needed, and I look forward to you using them to throw a perfect Memorial Day party!

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