How to celebrate Father's Day

How to celebrate Father's Day

A father is a real-life superhero for his children! He protects his family and sacrifices his dreams for the health of his children. A man never shows his feelings, but there is a special place in his heart for his family.

With Father's Day fast approaching, you have the perfect opportunity to reach out to your dad and let him know how much he means to you. Whether your pop is the master of bad dad jokes, the serious chef or the local sports coach, we'll help you find the right Father's Day message to celebrate him and all his endearing qualities.

Get Outside

Enjoying the outdoors has been proven to be one of the best ways to lift one's mood and bring the family together, so why not let Father's Day be an opportunity to explore the outdoors? Depending on your father's interests, this can take many forms. Maybe it's just a leisurely stroll along the local canal, stopping for a picnic in a scenic area. Or, if your father enjoys cycling, you could let him take you on one of his favorite local routes. More thrill-seeking families might even consider booking a day of kayaking, quad biking or rock climbing! It's sure to bring you closer together, too.


Funny Father's Day Messages

What's your relationship with your dad? If the answers include pranks, comedy and corny jokes, then these messages are for you. Maybe you grew up with your dad creating intimidating cracks around you and your friends; since you're older, throw one at him with a big laughing one-liner. Laughter is an integral part of any relationship, and these funny Father's Day messages are the perfect way to honor you. What's more? You can catch him off guard, make him laugh, and then bring him to tears with an unexpected heartfelt written message on the other side. Choose from one of these fun Father's Day messages below, or simply use these as inspiration to create your own.

-Dad, you're a port in a storm

-Dads like you are rare

-Cheering you on during cocktail hour

-Dad, you never miss a beat

-Dad, you totally nailed it

-Send all my love this Father's Day

-Love you dad, but we don't have to worry about it


Beer Tasting

The ban on alcoholic products has been lifted and more people are drinking again. The question is why not have a drink with your dad on Father's Day? Why not spend the day at the local pub? We're not promoting alcoholism, but drinking in moderation is good for you and your dad. Some even say drinking beer is better than drinking any soft drink because it's more natural. Just like wine tasting, you can also taste beer. You can create your own criteria for this.


Plan a picnic

When planning your Father's Day picnic, be sure to find the perfect location.

Parks are a great choice for picnics. They often have picnic tables and playgrounds or other activities such as tennis courts or volleyball courts. If your plan is to rent tables at a local park, be sure to make reservations in advance; like you, many families want to take the opportunity to enjoy the glorious sunshine that is common this time of year.

A beach or campground is also a great option for planning a family day out. If you're lucky enough to have a nice lake nearby, you can rent a boat to go skiing, rafting, or even fishing.

If you don't have a local park, don't let that stop you. You might consider redecorating your own backyard for the occasion! Lay out blankets and such, hang ribbons, and treat your lawn as your own private park. When night falls, you can even hang a large white cloth and show a movie on it. It will be the perfect ending to a fun day.

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