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Why do kids need to pretend toys?

Children do know how to play.They are masters at this, and as parents, you should encourage and support them in their pretend play activities.

They can be doctors, lawyers, chefs, sales, or all of these at once. While their imaginative play may seem trivial to you, you should know that during their pretend play fiction, children learn how to solve problems, cooperate, and use their creative minds. They discover themselves and the world around them while dealing with their fears and insecurities as they play.



Benefits of pretend play

Through imaginative play, children take on roles for the first time. In addition, they instinctively learn that each of us has a role to play in our lives.

It fosters creativity by providing a safe space for children to act out scenarios of their choice, including scenarios they may not experience in real life. For example, a 5-year-old who can't go to a restaurant without her parents can create a pretend tea party they can all enjoy at home by playing imaginatively with her friends. It also gives kids a chance to learn about other people's perspectives, such as what Dad might think when he's going through the house.



Tips for encouraging imaginative play

Because imaginative play is so beneficial to a child's overall development, parents should actively encourage their children when they engage in imaginative play.

Provide lots of props, and playmates (peers of the same age and adults).

Give plenty of play time - allow your child as much time as possible to explore where the game takes them.

Costume parties are also a great way to promote imaginative play and keep the kids entertained!

Prepare a play kitchen that engages him and lets them imitate your daily chores.



Expose them to lifelike Pretend play

They don't have to be exact replicas, but dolls and other toys that look like the real thing are especially fun for pretend play. You can also use real tools from the kitchen or garden.

For your child to play at any time, you may need to be their playmate. If they are pretending to make bread, you can say, "Can you give me some bread on a plate?"




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