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5 summer fun outdoor activities

Summer is here! Don't let your kids get bored this summer! These summer activities allow kids of all ages to enjoy summer fun, get moving, and get creative. This summer will be full of fun and memories for the whole family to do all those fun things in the summer.

Go on a picnic
Summer is a great time to get outdoors or visit new places together. Take the opportunity to explore areas you've never been to before with the kids. Go to the park for a picnic lunch or go to a water park to beat the heat.


Balloon Volleyball
Set up your court by dividing your yard in half using a jump rope (or any rope). Catch the ball with balloons and have players alternate serves. First to 21 is the winner!


Backyard Bike Path
Even under supervision, riding bikes in the street is not a safe option for kids. So, if you have enough space in your background, create a bike lane there. This will keep your kids busy and you stress-free all summer long.


Balance Bike

Mobile Nights
You don't have to go to a local park to create an outdoor movie experience. Rent a projection screen, set it up in a nearby yard or common area, spread out a blanket, and enjoy some popcorn and snacks.




Flower Painting
Dip whole flowers into paint and use them as paint brushes to create unique works of art.




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