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Hurry up and get in my “passenger seat”!

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Play does matter. The first three years of life, it is the main way that infants and children learn about the world and build abilities. Riding without pedals encourages your little one to get close to nature and compound understanding of the world.


In addition to satiating your kids’ desire of exploring, how can balance bikes help?


1. Boost Confidence and Improve Balance

A balance bike is a small ride-on without pedals, allowing the kid to move ahead by using their legs and change direction by holding on to the handlebars. The balance bike offers them a whole new world of discovery, Because the toddler is in charge and can move along a course of their choosing. This freedom fuels the spatial awareness and fine motor abilities. Both the child's confidence and balance develop. 


From the age of 1 to 6 is the prime time to develop your child's balance skills. Studies have shown that working on balance improves your baby's reactive ability.


2. Safety

Tricycles and training wheels are less practical and safer than balance bikes. Tricycles are slow, difficult to control, and prone to tipping on crooked or sloped surfaces. Children who ride balance bikes concentrate more on balancing than pedaling. They are therefore far less prone to fall since they are better equipped to deal with an abrupt loss of balance.




3. Transition

Children who riding balance bikes usually learn to ride bicycle earlier than those riding with training wheels. They can start to ride bicycles at the age of 3, while children supported by training wheels usually start on bicycles at the age of 5 to 6. In addition, transitioning experienced balance bike riders to pedal bikes is a piece of cake. Give them the bike and watch them ride off on their own without circling them, holding their seat, or crying.





4. Wonderful Family Time

By encouraging families to get outside and explore the world, balance bikes are reviving families. Toddlers can ride balance bikes at a leisurely pace around bike lanes and sidewalks, much to the delight of their parents and older siblings. In addition, balance bikes are portable. They can be swiftly placed into the car without pedals or into some strollers' baskets.



Watching babies riding on their balance bikes and looking back at you from time to time, it was as if they were saying to you, "Come and get on my passenger seat! Let's explore the mysteries of the world together"!


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